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Phoneme Key

The Phonetic Keyboard

Phoneme Key is an alternative keyboard for iOS that allows you to type English words by sounding them out. Available for the iPhone and iPad.

Spelling is hard

With PhonemeKey you can forget about silent letters and strange spelling rules. 

 Each phoneme represents a single sound that your mouth can make. To spell a word phonetically, sound it out and type each phoneme as you say it. Then select the word from the word choice list

b e c a u s e

b ē k u z

n e c e s s a r y

n e s u s e r ē

t h o u g h t

o t

e v e r y t h i n g

e v r ē i nᵍ

Go faster by skipping vowels

Skip the middle vowels to type words quickly

b e c a u s e

b k z

n e c e s s a r y

n s s r

t h o u g h t


e v e r y t h i n g

e v r nᵍ

Slide Phonemes

Slide your finger to connect phonemes for better word choice results.

Intelligent word prediction

As you type phonemes, PhonemeKey tries to guess the word you intend and constantly updates it’s list of “word choices”. Phoneme Key generates the list of choices by taking into account phoneme match quality, word usage frequency, and context.

Walk the _

Audio Feedback

Hear the phonemes as you type them to learn what they sound like.

8 color schemes

The default colorscheme is designed to aid in learning the PhonemeKey phonemes. Choose the color scheme you like best.

Add your own words / pronunciations

Add words and pronunciations to your personal dictionary.

Try it out

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